Oxbow Wildlife Area

Oxbow Wildlife Area is location in Defiance County Ohio just off of State Route 15 between Defiance, Ohio and Bryan, Ohio.  Dog training is allow within the Dog Training Area only from May 1st through August 31st but is open the complete wildlife area the remaining of the year. 

Entry to Oxbow Wildlife Area is accessable from the north off of Shick Road onto Trinity Road.  When driving into the area you will want to follow the blacktop drive to the left at the big lake.  Continue on to the next road to the left.  Follow left to the Dog Training Area.  There's plenty of parking.  Little Oxbow Lake and the training fields surround the parking area. 

Little Oxbow Lake

little_oxbow.jpg (72355 bytes)Little Oxbow Lake is approximately 5 acres in size. Numerous stumps and horizontal trees and limbs in the water make for a realistic, but sometimes difficult hunting setup. The club has cut numerous access trails to the pond. Otherwise the shoreline is heavily overgrown with vegetation with some cattails around the north end of the lake. In summer, algae blooms almost completely take over the lake.

Danger: Watch out for the concrete spill basin at the extreme north end of the lake; dogs can possibly get sucked into it when the water is high.

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Detailed maps can be found off of the Ohio Division of Wildlife site by following this link:



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